Does anyone see what’s wrong…


President Barack Obama said Thursday he has complete confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder amid Republican accusations that the attorney general was aware months sooner than he’s acknowledged about a flawed operation to stem gun-smuggling.

Months sooner than he has acknowledged? Everyone knows the big deal congressional Democrats the administration and Eric Holder himself  were making about the “iron river to Mexico” and how they’ve tried to exploit it to get another unconstitutional gun ban passed. Apparently the ATF (which, by the way, is an arm of the Justice Department, which is led by the Attorney General) sending all those guns to Mexico and not tracking them after they went into Mexico was just a coincidence. Even if that’s the case, it’s still a matter of gross government incompetence.

These are the smartest guys in the room…and that’s the best they can do? I know it’s said never to attribute malice where an act can be explained by stupidity or incompetence, but I still find it to stretch the bounds of credibility that no one outside the ATF knew about this, especially since taxpayer money was involved.



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