Wow, that’s quite a moral scale…

…Eric Holder displays here. Congress’ refusal to pass superfluous laws is as unacceptable as the ATF letting thousands of guns go to Mexico untracked? Such strikes me as akin to a defense attorney saying, “My client stabbing those people was unacceptable, but it’s just as unacceptable that you didn’t give him a gun to shoot them with.”



One Response to “Wow, that’s quite a moral scale…”

  1. Les Says:

    The FAA has some controllers fall asleep during work, nobody dies,and FAA executive’s heads roll. Homeland security’s various branches arm the cartel and American street gangs using printing (Taxpayers’) press money resulting in deaths here and abroad. The executives involved are moved and probably promoted, if Waco is anything to go by. What a contrast. I suppose it is because the President or his surrogates didn’t order the controllers to fall asleep.

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