Yet another glossing over…

…of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, this time from Leonard Pitts. I’m sorry, but I just can’t get that het up over businesses charging certain fees for their services. If Pitts wants to champion these people’s anger at supposedly getting nickel-and-dimed that’s one thing, but for him to say it’s justified because of the bailouts is the biggest line of bullshit he’s ever tried to sell in his column — especially in light of some of the protesters’ demands.

Free college education and debt forgiveness? If that’s not a bailout, then what is? Is there any legitimate reason not to think the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are just pissed off because they’re not the ones getting bailed out?

As for the whole “stripping personhood from corporations” thing, I will say to that what I have said before. Based on what I’ve read vis-a-vis the bitching about corporate personhood, the root of the complaint is that corporations can spend money on ads that influence elections. And I will say what I’ve been saying to that: The only power and influence the corporations have vis-a-vis advertising is the power that the media outlets give them. If the media don’t want the corporations to have that power, all they have to do is not sell them ads. If people want to be mad at anyone, they should be mad at the people taking the corporations’ money. Telling the government to pass laws saying the corporations can’t spend that money is the coward’s way out, and furthermore, it’s blatantly un-American — because, like it or not, money IS speech. And it’s the same to sit there and say that government should pass all these regulations for business and that business doesn’t have a right to say anything about it.

But they’re all right good and pissed off, and apparently that’s good enough for Leonard Pitts.



One Response to “Yet another glossing over…”

  1. Les Says:

    And yet the media expects to voice corporately what THEY want to. They are pretty selective. Gunwalker barely rated a little space about seven pages back in my local paper. There was a small column a long while back on the editorial page. The lady did okay until the last when she mentioned partisan politics might have part in the investigation. I guess she tried to do the right thing but finally realized she had to keep a job.
    Investigative journalism always goes away (no “Hold on Mr. President”) when a marxist is elected except to except to dig up or make up any dirt on a non-marxist canditate or previous non-marxist President. It’s alway interesting how Pitts can talk out of the other side of his mouth when HIS interests are assailed and to follow the party line. TEA party: radial, violent, racist. Occupiers: peoples expression, fighting oppression. Today’s media sounds like Radio Kiev used to, during the Cold War. Probably for the same reason. Except our media gets paid well to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse, while Kiev media probably just didn’t get their rations cut more when they turned in a good performance.

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