I can’t argue with any of this.

Borepatch lays out here and here his case for not voting for Mitt Romney. And, as I said in the title, I really can’t argue with any of what he says. I really am mystified as to why Romney identifies himself as a Republican, considering some of the things he supports. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Northeastern moderate and all that. Still, though, I don’t buy the argument that he’s the one to beat Barack Obama when he’s just a marginally more moderate version of the man. I think a convincing case can be made that he’s only where he is because establishment Republicans believe it to be his “turn,” just like they did with John McCain in 2008 and Bob Dole in 1996.



2 Responses to “I can’t argue with any of this.”

  1. Borepatch Says:

    I think that Establishment Republicans find him non-threatening to the Republican Establishment.

  2. TomR, armed in Texas Says:

    The Repub Establishment/GOP/RNC is still angry at us conservatives for electing and reelecting Ronald Reagan.

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