Something to keep in mind.

I know a lot of people consider Ann Richards to be an iconic, larger than-life figure in Texas history, and as such she is beloved by many. I’ve never been a fan, to say the least, but I figured, eh, so what? She’s not the only lionized Texan that was full of shit. A couple of things I read this morning, though, altered my perspective.

Did you know that Sunday was the 20th anniversary of the Luby’s mass shooting in Killeen?

The Gratias took cover when the shooting started, and (Suzanna Gratia)Hupp thought about her pistol in her car. Earlier in life, she had been told to always keep it on her. On that October afternoon, though, she abided by the state’s laws and left the gun in her car.

And that two years LATER, Ann Richards threatened to veto a concealed-carry law if it crossed her desk? Apparently she thought it was just peachy that Suzanna Gratia Hupp’s gun was left in her car. I wonder why that is? And why did Democrats in the Texas Legislature block every concealed-carry proposal that came through the Legislature in the ten years before that?



6 Responses to “Something to keep in mind.”

  1. Les Says:

    Ann Richards was a classic marxist democrat. I thought she did veto a concealed handgun bill. She did help have Matagorda Island declared unfit environmentally for cattle, thus further denying the Hawes family from regaining the land stolen from them during WWII, probably retaining it as a resort for State big shots. Now I have to say the last two sentences are hearsay.
    She did stab Texas in the back several times during the presidential campaign of G. W. Bush. Remember the talk about third world Texas? It was good she was a one term governor, better perhaps if she would have been a no term governor. I never was a fan either, if you haven’t guessed. But she was a Marxist Democrat, so of course the media loved her. If she was so popular otherwise, why did she lose the next election?

  2. Albatross Says:

    She’s not the only lionized Texan that was full of shit.

    Willie Nelson comes to mind.

  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Ah, so she did, Les. I should have researched a bit more.

    If she was so popular otherwise, why did she lose the next election?

    You and your pesky facts!

    And I was thinking of Molly Ivins, Albatross…

  4. Dwight Brown Says:

    That would be confessed plagiarist Molly Ivins, wouldn’t it?

  5. Albatross Says:

    Yes, Molly Ivins would fit, too.

  6. Speakertweaker Says:

    I haven’t found an explanation yet that really explains why – as Tam put it – that Texas’ gun laws are closer to California’s than they are to Indiana’s. And it’s true. The carry laws here suck. I know that it’s the remnance of Dem officials in the, but damn if that ship didn’t sail a long damned time ago. Hell, the guy at the wheel now did a lot to kill OC in this state just within the last two years.

    WTF, TX?

    Sorry to stray so far off topic. Just gets me a little red in the face, is all.


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