Another ’80s metal favorite…

…or , Hey, here’s something till I have time to look through & rant on the news!

I might have said it before, but until I started really digging into ’80s metal, I thought Bruce Dickinson had always been Iron Maiden’s lead singer. Then I got to hearing some of the earlier stuff with Paul Di’Anno fronting the band and thought, what the hell? It wasn’t bad, but I still much prefer the Dickinson-era Maiden. The title track  from the first album from that era, The Number of the Beast, is widely considered to be a classic of the heavy metal genre, and listening to it, it’s not hard to hear why that is…


One Response to “Another ’80s metal favorite…”

  1. Albatross Says:

    They had a different drummer back then, too, and that’s him playing on that “Number of the Beast” video. His name was Clive Burr, and he was replaced by Nicko McBrain for Piece of Mind.

    Though I really dig Nicko and consider him to be one of the best drummers and all around good guys of metal, I also liked Clive Burr a lot, and I was a bit sad to see him go. The only consolation I got was that Nicko was his replacement.

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