Eh, what’s a few dead Americans?

The environmentalist nutcases seem to think as much, at any rate…

Federal agents trying to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border say they’re hampered by laws that keep them from driving vehicles on huge swaths of land because it falls under U.S. environmental protection, leaving it to wildlife — and illegal immigrants and smugglers who can walk through the territory undisturbed….

Dozens of environmental laws were waived for the building of the border fence, and activists say this is just another conservative attempt to find an excuse to do away with environmental protections.

Let’s see…on one side we have the Border Patrol agents who have to deal with these stupid, nonsensical laws every day as they try to do their jobs, and on the other side we have…activists who don’t have any arguments other than “those evil right-wingers are trying to destroy the environment for no good reason.”

Of course, one might say they’re just taking their cues from the administration here, i.e., “Eh, dead Mexicans, so what? We have more gun control we want to force on the American people.”



One Response to “Eh, what’s a few dead Americans?”

  1. mick Says:

    I don’t see how the environmentalists are okay with dead people. Is it because they are inconveniencing people with a very dangerous job?

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