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Hey, I’d vilify ’em, too.

November 27, 2011

So apparently, in his remarks announcing his intention to step down after his current term, Rep. Charlie Gonzalez criticized certain members of Congress for vilifying the government. Well, the only thing I can say to that is that if the government was bent on taking more of my constituents’ money while calling them terrorists, I wouldn’t have a high opinion of the government either.

Blogging will be sporadic…

November 22, 2011

I think my laptop’s motherboard is fried. Blogging from the new smartphone now. (HTC Inspire 4G, for the record. I love it and highly recommend it if you’re looking for an Android device. Would’ve gotten an iPhone but my provider doesn’t have it…) I can do most of what I do on my computer on this thing, including listen to Sirius over my 4G connection or my wi-fi. Anyway, stay tuned!

Now playing on the Boneyard, Sirius Ch. 38: the Cult, “Love Removal Machine.” Love that song…

Made up of what?

November 20, 2011

…or, Hey, look, more Chicago police corruption!

A bistate crackdown on the Latin Kings street gang on Friday snared two Chicago Police officers accused of using their badges to rob people in Northwest Indiana and Illinois….

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said he was disgusted at the alleged actions of the two officers, saying they are exceptions on a force made up overwhelmingly of good cops.

Yep. People just like Alex Guerrero, Antonio Martinez Jr., Jon BurgeAnthony AbbateBart Mak, Brian Pratscher, Donovan Markiewicz, Guadalupe SalinasGregory S. Crittleton, Edward Lee “Pacman” Jackson Jr., M.L. Moore, Alex D. Ramos, Lennon Shields, Cornelius Tripp, and James P. Young, and the list goes on.

But hey, Chicago’s better than that!

Oh hey, look!

November 20, 2011

Gunwalker in Texas?

But hey, who gives a shit about that? Some dude said a nasty word on ESPN!

Like lambs…

November 19, 2011

to the (eventual) slaughter:

Several thousand students marched Friday in the Venezuelan capital in support of government and legislative gun-control proposals to disarm the civilian population.

Under the slogan “A safe society in favor of peace,” Caracas primary schools and high schools joined the activities of the recently founded Experimental University of Security, or Unes, which trains agents for the Bolivarian National Police, another recent creation.

Unes rector Soraya El Achkar told reporters in the march that “the formula for eradicating violence in a country is the peaceful resolution of conflicts and not the use of guns.”

How 1984, right down to the name of the “university” — not to mention the quote from El Achkar. Funny, isn’t it, that the side saying peaceful resolution is the way is the side that’s going to train the only people they want to have guns?

As for the students themselves — well, they must not know their history well, if at all. Of course they only learn what the state tells them they need to learn, so of course they’re not going to learn about despotic governments and what happens when they have a monopoly on force, but it’s still sad to see those students essentially advocating their own eventual enslavement and death.

On second thought, though, I can’t help but think every last one of them deserves what’s coming, because they’re not only wanting their own guns taken away, but everyone else’s as well. That’s not their decision to make. Who the hell do those people think they are?

(h/t Alphecca)

This is why things must change…

November 17, 2011

…right here:

The carefree and jovial Gregory Longoria Jr., who said he was not guilty of tying his girlfriend to a bed and burning her breasts and genitals, sobbed quietly Wednesday after jurors disagreed, and a parade of exes came forward to tell their stories of domestic violence.

We as a society can do better than this. And we must. I would say that we would do well to start teaching our daughters not to sit there and take shit like this, but society itself is going to have to undergo a much deeper change. We as a society are going to have to rid ourselves of the attitude that women are best defending themselves with things like whistles, pepper spray and rat-tailed combs and that they needn’t trifle themselves with things like learning how to shoot. Women as a whole are never going to be truly equal until their use of self-defense methods like firearms is seen to be every bit as legitimate as men’s use of them and people who spout shit like “Guns are bad news for women” are shunned as the fools they are.

Whoa there, sport.

November 16, 2011

Kurt Hofmann, quoting Josh Horwitz:

In truth, though, the NRA’s greatest lie is its talking point that gun violence prevention laws in America are a “slippery slope” that will eventually lead to total confiscation of privately held firearms. What an absurdity that is today–43 years after the signing of the 1968 Gun Control Act–as demented individuals like Jared Loughner and Nidal Malik Hasan continue to legally buy guns and carry them in our communities…

Nidal Malik Hasan? As far as I can tell no one has submitted any evidence that he’s actually insane or mentally disturbed. From all I saw about Hasan, he was just your run-of-the-mill extremist in the midst that few really took notice of or said anything about until after the shooting. Furthermore, according to the Associated Press, Hasan’s defense team was considering an insanity defense but backed off the idea after Hasan was evaluated by a military panel.

If you really wanted to give Horwitz the benefit of the doubt I suppose you might say he was just trying to scare you into thinking the NRA wanted Islamic extremists to have guns, but considering Horwitz doesn’t want anyone to have guns, I am left to believe he was just trying to peddle another lie himself. God knows that they’re far from above that sort of thing.

Bad analogy alert.

November 16, 2011

Headline on David Brooks’ latest column in the New York Times, as seen in the Houston Chronicle:

No time to feel superior to those at Penn State

Really? Why not? I would understand the analogy to the Kitty Genovese killing, but for the fact that there was one man who personally witnessed what Jerry Sandusky was doing, one of perhaps ten men on the face of the earth who could have stopped it. They weren’t complete strangers, as those people who walked by Kitty Genovese were. So I’m just not seeing how that analogy fits. Personally, I’m inclined to agree with ASM826 here:

“…it isn’t just that moment in the shower, is it? And it isn’t just Mike McQueary. Joe Paterno knew. So did others, including the athletic director and the VP for finance at the university. Every day, every damned day every one of them didn’t report this, they choose their life and their career and their own comfort over the ongoing abuse of children. Every morning when they woke up and decided to go to work, they knew that their silence was enabling evil. That sometime, today, tomorrow, the next day, next week, a 10 year old boy was going to be anally raped and any one of them could have stopped it, but instead they choose to be silent.”

Hey, look here, the new ride!

November 15, 2011

Shame on me for not posting this sooner…

This is the new truck we got. ’99 Dodge Durango, with the 318. Power everything, cruise, AC, it’s great. It has a bit more than 168k miles on it, but the shape it’s in you’d think it had 100,000 miles less. Yeah, we got a good one. 🙂 This picture was taken the day after we got it, at the Cracker Barrel in San Marcos. We were going to go home & go back to bed after taking the kids to school that morning, but Sabra asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. Which I obviously did.

Oh, and by the way, the chicken on a biscuit at CB is to die for…

Shorter Bob Richter…

November 14, 2011

“Rick Perry’s a dipshit. Joe Paterno’s a good man who made a mistake.”

Good grief, the San Antonio Express-News is beginning to resemble an outhouse more and more every day. Why? Because it’s full of assholes.