Wow, I got nothin’.

She really said this?

Speaking of a court decision from the year before that Wisconsin’s ban on concealed carry was unconstitutional, then-Brady Center President Paul Helmke declared “The ruling by a Wisconsin trial court judge that the US Constitution provides a right to carry concealed weapons in public endangers our communities, puts law enforcement at risk, and is just plain wrong… This ruling shows the danger of accepting the gun lobby’s vision of the Second Amendment as mandating its any guns, anywhere, for anybody agenda.”

Kristen Rand of the Violence Policy Center ramped things ups a notch, claiming “Concealed carry permit holders don’t prevent mass shootings, they perpetrate them. They don’t support police, they shoot them.”

Wow. That’s how you know we’re winning, right there. They’ve gone past blaming us for domestic terrorism to claiming we shoot the police — many of whom, by the way, actually support the common citizen carrying guns. We go around shooting people who are on our side?

And what’s next, claiming that we cause global warming or whatever they’re calling it now?



One Response to “Wow, I got nothin’.”

  1. Crotalus Says:

    The mind does boggle.

    She’s damn close to slander, IHMO.

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