Wow, did I really read this?

…or, When you’ve lost Froma Harrop, you’ve probably lost your base:

Occupiers, time to quit while you’re ahead — for you’re a little less ahead with every confrontation involving police or other civic authorities. The skirmishes provide unflattering visuals for the ordinary folks at home, even those sharing your angst and anger over the financial-industry takeover of our economy. It doesn’t matter who was at fault. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have the right to pitch tents on public parks.

On the other hand, I should have known it’d be all about the protesters’ behavior rather than what they were protesting. However, it might well be that one comes with the other, i.e., when you have a group of people who want all their college debt forgiven with no questions asked, of course they’re going to act like a bunch of spoiled brats. Not that I’d expect many of the movement’s more ardent supporters to make that connection, but at least they realize those people make them look bad.



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