So I have a question…

…for those people who were protesting the Keystone XL pipeline across from the White House yesterday:

How did they get to the protest site? Via unicorn shit-powered car? Sorry, but I just can’t take any of these people seriously. It’s one thing to say that we should work on alternative sources of fuel, but it’s quite another to say that we shouldn’t take advantage of existing fuel supplies while we work on those alternative technologies. It makes one think they want us all to freeze or stew in the dark until those alternative sources of fuel become viable.

Oh, and fun fact for the day: Both Harris and Jefferson counties, in which Houston and Port Arthur are respectively located, went blue in ’08. It’ll be interesting to see which way the White House goes here.



7 Responses to “So I have a question…”

  1. kadja1 Says:

    It is nice to find a blog with a writer who, like me, is not afraid to speak his/her mind and does not mince his/her words! However, I still say I should run! LOL! Check out my post on this political crap! After all, it is crap, right? Fundamental math equation all must learn about politics: HONEST + POLITICIAN = OXYMORON in most cases!

  2. drjim Says:

    EVERY time we want to drill or build a new pipeline, the libtards and enviro-whackos stop us. Their big chant is “It Won’t Be Ready For 10 Years, So Why Bother!”.
    Well, if they would have let use build it 10 years ago, it would be in service now.
    I can’t believe these people are so naive.

  3. peter Says:

    Don’t forget that crazy Nissan Leaf commercial where they show all sorts of everyday gadgets running off gas and then show the car which is all electric. Where do they think that electrcity comes from?

  4. Desiree M Says:

    Hey Guys

    My name is Desiree Mandelbaum, and I am a casting producer in Los Angeles. I am seeking Property Owners who live near the alamo for a Historical Artifact Recovery TV Show.

  5. Albatross Says:

    I am seeking Property Owners who live near the alamo for a Historical Artifact Recovery TV Show.

    Assuming you are not a spammer, Desiree, the Alamo is smack dab in the middle of downtown. Unless you want to cast condo owners, your best bet might be to check out the King William/Lavaca/Southtown area.

  6. mattexian Says:

    Sadly, Jefferson County is almost always solid (enough: 51%+) Democrat, despite any otherwise conservative tendencies (we like our guns!), I think due to the union presence in the refineries.

    Re: Desiree M; The can is there to hold in the Spam.

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