Hey, look here, the new ride!

Shame on me for not posting this sooner…

This is the new truck we got. ’99 Dodge Durango, with the 318. Power everything, cruise, AC, it’s great. It has a bit more than 168k miles on it, but the shape it’s in you’d think it had 100,000 miles less. Yeah, we got a good one. 🙂 This picture was taken the day after we got it, at the Cracker Barrel in San Marcos. We were going to go home & go back to bed after taking the kids to school that morning, but Sabra asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. Which I obviously did.

Oh, and by the way, the chicken on a biscuit at CB is to die for…



2 Responses to “Hey, look here, the new ride!”

  1. peter Says:

    Looks great. Both our vehicles are over 200k miles. The Camry is close to 230,000 while the Cherokee is a tad over 210,000. Camry is still in great condition, but I think the Jeep is on its last legs. Hope to get something around the first of the year.
    CB is my favorite restaurant and I haven’t been in a long time. I always struggle over whether to order breakfast or a regualr meal because it’s all so good.

  2. AlanDP Says:

    We bought a used Durango for my wife several years ago, ran it until it wore out. She loved it, and was really disappointed when we couldn’t find another one just like it.

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