This is why things must change…

…right here:

The carefree and jovial Gregory Longoria Jr., who said he was not guilty of tying his girlfriend to a bed and burning her breasts and genitals, sobbed quietly Wednesday after jurors disagreed, and a parade of exes came forward to tell their stories of domestic violence.

We as a society can do better than this. And we must. I would say that we would do well to start teaching our daughters not to sit there and take shit like this, but society itself is going to have to undergo a much deeper change. We as a society are going to have to rid ourselves of the attitude that women are best defending themselves with things like whistles, pepper spray and rat-tailed combs and that they needn’t trifle themselves with things like learning how to shoot. Women as a whole are never going to be truly equal until their use of self-defense methods like firearms is seen to be every bit as legitimate as men’s use of them and people who spout shit like “Guns are bad news for women” are shunned as the fools they are.



2 Responses to “This is why things must change…”

  1. TBeck Says:

    I’m in favor of crucifying them but that will never fly these days. So I’ll settle for mandatory lower-body paralysis in cases of recidivism.

  2. mick Says:

    You’ve quoted some pretty interesting view points, especially in some of the letters to the editor. Who are the ones saying that women shouldn’t be allowed to use guns? If you call them out, they’ll be easier to mock and shun.

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