Like lambs…

to the (eventual) slaughter:

Several thousand students marched Friday in the Venezuelan capital in support of government and legislative gun-control proposals to disarm the civilian population.

Under the slogan “A safe society in favor of peace,” Caracas primary schools and high schools joined the activities of the recently founded Experimental University of Security, or Unes, which trains agents for the Bolivarian National Police, another recent creation.

Unes rector Soraya El Achkar told reporters in the march that “the formula for eradicating violence in a country is the peaceful resolution of conflicts and not the use of guns.”

How 1984, right down to the name of the “university” — not to mention the quote from El Achkar. Funny, isn’t it, that the side saying peaceful resolution is the way is the side that’s going to train the only people they want to have guns?

As for the students themselves — well, they must not know their history well, if at all. Of course they only learn what the state tells them they need to learn, so of course they’re not going to learn about despotic governments and what happens when they have a monopoly on force, but it’s still sad to see those students essentially advocating their own eventual enslavement and death.

On second thought, though, I can’t help but think every last one of them deserves what’s coming, because they’re not only wanting their own guns taken away, but everyone else’s as well. That’s not their decision to make. Who the hell do those people think they are?

(h/t Alphecca)


One Response to “Like lambs…”

  1. Mike W. Says:

    They alraedy have strict gun control and yet Caracas has one of the highest murder rates in the entire world.

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