Hey, I’d vilify ’em, too.

So apparently, in his remarks announcing his intention to step down after his current term, Rep. Charlie Gonzalez criticized certain members of Congress for vilifying the government. Well, the only thing I can say to that is that if the government was bent on taking more of my constituents’ money while calling them terrorists, I wouldn’t have a high opinion of the government either.


3 Responses to “Hey, I’d vilify ’em, too.”

  1. Sabra Says:

    He stepped aside to let Joaquin Castro have his turn, thus ensuring our history of electing people merely because they have the right name continues.

  2. Albatross Says:

    He also said this:

    “I’ve been in Congress for 14 years and I want to do something else — what that is, I really don’t know. But financially, I would like to be productive and have the resources to make a better life,” Gonzalez said.

    Greedy one-percenter.


  3. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Let’s hope that whatever he does, doesn’t involve sucking money out of the taxpayers’ pockets.

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