A thousand words, as they say…

…or, What’s wrong with the San Antonio Express-News, more than anything else I’ve commented on, in a nutshell:


What’s wrong with this picture? This isn’t a picture of today’s Houston Chronicle, that’s what. Sabra says we don’t really have a local paper anymore, and the more I see things like this the more I believe it. The story did run in the Express-News, yes. And we don’t subscribe, but we do buy it off the stand at least 3-4 times a week. It’s not so much that they’re sharing stories that bugs me (and her); it’s the fact that so much Chronicle content runs in our paper. Sometimes it’s almost as if the E-N is, as Albatross put it, a Southwest Texas extension of the Chronicle — not only because of that, but also because of so much of the paper’s production being farmed out to Houston and the fact that they don’t even try to hide it. And I also remember at least one big Express-News Sunday story about the goings-on in the Eagle Ford formation — with a South Texas dateline — written by a Chronicle scribe. You’d think of the 100 journalists the Express-News has covering San Antonio and the surrounding area, they could have gotten one to write that story as opposed to farming it out to Houston.

As Sabra put it:

“The reason I no longer subscribe is the lack of local content. Running so much Houston content in the SA paper not only shows a distinct lack of respect for the second-largest city in Texas, it shows a deep lack of understanding of this city. See, here in SA we are raised on rivalry with Houston. Sublimating local news to our rival city is insulting, & ignoring local stories in favor of random things from southeast Texas–a region pretty much no one here other than my husband cares a flying rat’s ass about–is frankly inexcusable. In an ultra-connected world where newspapers are forced to publish day old news, to ignore the only strength a newspaper has is frankly ridiculous.”

I’ll admit the quality of the SAEN pisses me off on another level as well, though, albeit at Hearst on a more general level. I applied at another Hearst paper, the Beaumont Enterprise, right about the time I graduated from college. I was told that I needed more experience to qualify for the position they had open at the time. Yet the journalists at the San Antonio Express-News (a much bigger paper that would have required even MORE experience) routinely get elementary details, such as highway names, wrong in their stories. I have seen FM 78 referred to as “Highway 78” (more than once!) and Interstate 37 referred to as “U.S. 37.” What other details do they miss that I never would have missed even as a reporter at the newspaper for a small state school?

At this point I’d have to say things turned out better for me, though. I could be at the Express-News, waiting for the next ax to fall.


2 Responses to “A thousand words, as they say…”

  1. Albatross Says:

    I could be at the Express-News, waiting for the next ax to fall.

    It’s been falling quite a bit lately. I bet any reporter or columnist at that paper lives a nervous life these days.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    No doubt! Two editors and four metro columnists gone in one year? Something is definitely not right.

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