My latest acquisition from Bass Pro Shops…


…right here:
Gerber Suspension multi-tool. Smooth and serrated blades, can & bottle openers, it’s pretty nifty. The only thing it’s missing that the last one had is a file. And I really like the butterfly design on this one; it’s damn convenient to be able to access the tools in the handle without having to open the whole thing up. I will say the lock is a real pain in the ass to operate for those of us with short fingernails, though I know there’s an easy way to remedy that…

I’ve heard people talk about the Leatherman, but as you know if you’ve priced them, they’re a good deal more expensive — it strikes me that you pay that extra money just for the name, just like you do with Kimbers. I have owned several Gerber multi-tools and knives and they have all served me well. And I have no doubt this one will as well.

(You might be wondering what happened to the others. Well, they didn’t break; I lost ’em…)


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