It’s always about Mother Earth…

…or so it would seem (

“…fracking…delays a weaning from fossil fuels that should be undertaken for other legitimate reasons.”

So in other words, even if fracking doesn’t pose a threat to the environment, it’s still bad because it (or rather, what it enables) allegedly puts off development of alternative fuel technologies. And make no mistake, that’s exactly what O. Ricardo Pimentel is saying here, because we’re not going to get away from fossil fuels without something to take their place. One wonders why exactly he thinks the oil companies can’t multitask. Or maybe he knows full well that they can; he just chooses to toe the lefty line that he so often defaults to.

At any rate, it’s worth asking why so many liberals are so eager to force immature technology on the people — and why Pimentel himself didn’t compare the development of said technology to product development in the pharmaceutical or software industries. Perhaps that’s another of those questions that the act of asking is to answer.



One Response to “It’s always about Mother Earth…”

  1. mick Says:

    Which liberal technology is less mature than fracking?

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