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Almost is the key word there…

February 29, 2012

So I received an email in my inbox this morning about the MacBook Air:

Less is more than ever with MacBook Air.

 MacBook Air
Light. And still light years ahead.MacBook Air sets a new standard — by being anything but. It has powerful processors, the world’s most advanced operating system, easy access to thousands of apps, and more. So you can do almost anything on a notebook that weighs next to nothing.
Perhaps you can do almost anything on the MacBook Air, but IMO the Air is a tangible validation of at least a couple of the gripes of the anti-Apple folks: too little computer for too much money.
Why would I say such a thing, being the Apple fanboy that I am?
Well, consider this: The top-of-the-line MacBook Air, for $1599, has a 1.7GHz processor and 256 GB of flash storage space…and no DVD drive. The base-model MacBook Pro — the one I opted for — was $400 cheaper, with a faster processor (2.4 GHz), more storage space (500 GB), and a DVD drive. Granted, the base-model MacBook Air is $999, but it has a slower processor (1.6 GHz) and much less storage space (64 GB). I considered the extra $200 plus tax to be more than worth it for the added computing power & physical DVD drive. I know not everyone is such a slave to physical media such as CDs & DVDs anymore, but I do still consider them to be quite useful. I always thought only having data on drives was a bad thing, with them being more susceptible to failure if not particularly prone to it.
But maybe I’m just old-fashioned that way.

Hey, I tried…

February 29, 2012

Overheard at Texas Guns on Bandera Road yesterday evening, shortly after I fondled a Remington R1:

Me: “Guns have been going up in price since ’08, Imma have to start slingin’ blow, dude. Means to an end, yes, sir….If I bring you some of that high-grade Mexican coke, will you cut me a deal?”

Clerk: “No sir, but I will introduce you to my buddy at the Leon Valley Police Department.”

Me: “Oh, is he the guy who gives the shoplifters the free rides?”

Incidentally, the Remington R1 feels pretty solid. I think it just might be my next firearm purchase, despite the fact that I was making goo-goo eyes at the Kimbers and talking to the clerk about the 10mm Dan Wesson Razorback. The clerk was telling me that the barrel and the bushing were machined from the same bar stock and they went through the entire manufacturing process together. I thought that was pretty cool; I didn’t think they did that sort of thing with production guns.

Of course, what would really blow my mind is if they did the same thing with the frame & slide…

We need what, now?

February 29, 2012

David Brooks, in today’s Houston Chronicle:

We need real Rhino Republicans to take back the GOP

…The wingers call their Republican opponents RINOs, or Republican In Name Only. But that’s an insult to the rhino, which is a tough, noble beast. If RINOs were like rhinos, they’d stand up to those who seek to destroy them. Actually, what the country needs is some real Rhino Republicans. But the professional Republicans never do that. They’re not rhinos. They’re Opossum Republicans. They tremble for a few seconds then slip into an involuntary coma every time they’re challenged aggressively from the right.

Whatever, dude. That’s just how RINOs roll; you might even call such behavior one of their defining characteristics. And it ought to be obvious why they do it, too — because they believe in things they know damn good and well they can’t really defend to most Republicans.
But as for them “taking back” the Republican Party — who in the hell does David Brooks think runs it now? If it is the hated “wingers” that have been running things, how did they end up with people like Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney as their standard-bearers over the last few elections? Make no mistake here, folks — what David Brooks, just like everyone in the GOP establishment who is pushing Mitt Romney, wants the conservatives to do is sit down and vote for whom they’re told to vote for. It’s like they don’t even remember the outcome of that strategy the last time it was tried.

Some not-so-random music musings…

February 28, 2012

…inspired by the Triggerman.

I have to say he pretty much nailed the types of songs on country radio these days. All of those songs are annoying as hell. I was particularly saddened to see Jack Ingram go down one of those roads, though I suppose we should have seen the writing on the wall after he covered “Lips of an Angel.”

I would like to say, though, that as cloying and syrupy as it was, “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” was an aberration on an otherwise outstanding album, perhaps the most country-sounding record that Steve Wariner ever made. It did have its more poppy moments, but the title track, “A Six Pack Ago” and “Big Ol’ Empty House” were great examples of what Steve Wariner was capable of when he decided to go in a more traditional direction.

How about we cut Mississippi off, too?

February 28, 2012

Oh, hey, look, another “don’t drill here” idiot!

A Mississippi coast lawmaker had proposed a bill to ban offshore drilling near a spot around the western end of West Ship Island.

In other words, “Drill more, just don’t do it here.” Granted, that’s assuming Sean Tindell supports more drilling. Either way, though, I have always found the “don’t drill here” position more than a little off-putting, no matter where it comes from. I especially find the argument that it’ll damage tourism to be aggravating. My family used to have a house down at Crystal Beach, on the Bolivar Peninsula about 15 miles northeast of Galveston, and we could see drilling rigs from the front porch. And you know what? People still flocked down there every summer from Houston, the Golden Triangle and only God knows where else. I don’t see why allowing drilling off the Mississippi coast would make any significant dent in their tourism business.

What a hot mess.

February 27, 2012

And in other news, whoever at Budweiser decided that mashing up the Cult’s “She Sells Sanctuary” and Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling” was a good idea should die screaming in a fire. I don’t give a damn how well-produced it might have been, it was still a turd. I definitely have a biased perspective here because I think rap-ANYTHING sucks, but there you go.

I suppose it could have been worse, though. They could have used “Love Removal Machine” or “Sun King.”

This is nothing to be proud of…

February 27, 2012

…or even to write a story about:

Blame Tony and Eva.

That’s one theory, at least, to explain why San Antonio has the second highest membership per capita on the cheatin’ heart website

It must have been a dreadfully slow night, or maybe the new editor’s standards are really that low that she’d approve such a horrid piece. Why would anyone want to bring attention to this?

Do I have a biased perspective? In a way, yeah. I remember reading about Ashley Madison a couple of years ago and being utterly horrified that such a website existed. You all know how much of a libertarian I am, but even so such things get me to think of muttering, “…there oughta be a law…”

So sometimes states’ rights are a good thing…

February 25, 2012

…but apparently only when they conflict with things that liberals don’t like. I stopped reading Rick Casey long ago, but if this column is any indication I’d guess he thought Chicago was standing up to the federal government when the city’s intransigence took its gun laws all the way to the Supreme Court. And conservatives should have cheered for that too, I guess. I swear, it’s as if the only thing people like him are consistent in is their complete and utter wrongness.

He’s right.

February 24, 2012

Rep. Pete Olson, that is:

“President Obama has shown nothing but contempt for the strongest economic driver in our down economy, the energy industry…He has repeatedly thrown billions in taxpayer dollars into his ‘green economy’ which has failed miserably. We cannot afford to throw away any more money.”

It’s not just contempt for the energy industry, though, but also contempt for those of us paying in excess of $3.40 for every gallon of gasoline we buy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Development of renewable alternative fuel and gas-sipping vehicles is all fine and good, but what about those of us who have vehicles who run on plain old gasoline and who can’t afford to go out and buy newer, more fuel-efficient cars? I don’t see why more domestic drilling and exploration is “just a bumper sticker slogan” as opposed to a viable part of a forward-looking energy policy. After all, we’re going to have to have something to fuel our vehicles until that alternative fuel is at the point that it can supplant traditional fossil fuels. I don’t see what’s so hard to comprehend about that.

It’s not just liberals…

February 23, 2012

…who would portray Rick Santorum as anti-American. I for one really don’t think the President of the United States has any business talking about what he perceives to be the dangers of contraception, premarital sex, or anything of the sort. One wonders exactly what Rick Santorum thinks is so bad about the libertarian influence in the Republican Party, considering all libertarians ultimately want is to be left alone.