“Vote for Mittens or the Republic gets it!”

Such seems to be the tone of more than a few of the comments to a couple of Borepatch’s recent posts.

Is this really what we’re reduced to? A choice between two shit sandwiches? No. Just, no. I’m sorry, but I’m just not going to do it. I understand the reasoning behind some of the comments, to wit, that “conservatives have to do a Long March ™ through the institutions just like the liberals did,” but anyone who thinks Mitt Romney is ever going to be a legitimate part of that is deluded at best and a blithering idiot at worst. I can’t even begin to tell you how incredibly disappointed I was to find the likes of Gerard Vanderleun, a blogger I respect immensely, parroting the VFMOTRGI sentiment.

Long March? Yep. It’s really long past time to get the gear together and get on the path. But Republicans had the chance to do that in 1996. And what did they do? They nominated Bob Dole. Which should have told anyone paying attention how serious they were about taking the country in a different direction. Same Old Republican Crap, as ASM826 put it, then and now. And it’s time for that to come to an end.



2 Responses to ““Vote for Mittens or the Republic gets it!””

  1. drjim Says:

    I was planning on voting for Santorum in the primary all along, but I kept seeing the Big Battle between Romney and Gingrich being promoted in the lamestream media.
    Now that Santorum has taken a few states, I hope he continues to gather momentum.
    And I hope that the Obamassiah let’s us have elections in November. I almost wouldn’t put anything past that sneaky bastard to find someway to suspend the elections.

  2. Crotalus Says:

    I fear the same, drjim. We didn’t elect a president last time; we elected a king. And he’s gonna find a way to stay in power, election or no.

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