Why, the kind you promote and embrace, you idiot.

Subtitle of Chet Flippo column at CMT.com:

What Kind of Country Music Can Survive the Corporate Onslaught?

The irony of this, of course, is that Chet Flippo has been looking down his nose for quite some time now at those of us who think Music Row has ruined country music, as you know if you’ve been reading his columns or this blog for a while. At almost every turn, he has defended as a natural evolution the bastardization and watering down of country music, and yet again, he wants to bitch about what it has become. Apparently he gets to do that because he’s one of country music’s most tenured and respected critics. And I realize the man has paid his dues as far as that goes, but I don’t understand why no one calls him out on his constant raging hypocrisy.

(h/t Country California)



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