Well, that’s a novel way of doing it.

From today’s Houston Chronicle:

On a sunny Saturday in January, Adam Shannahan drove his girlfriend to Galveston and surprised her with a license plate.

There was a ring, too – a square, emerald-cut diamond he knew she’d love – but the specialty license plate, waiting in the trunk of his Mustang, said it all:


Heh. That’s pretty nifty. If you have to be offbeat about it, that’s certainly better than on the Jumbotron at a baseball game and risking getting shot down in front of thousands of people. I remember when that was making the rounds and I commented about it on Facebook, Sabra said, “Had you proposed publicly, you’d have been told to go fark yourself for obviously knowing nothing about me.” Indeed.

(For the record, I asked her to marry me as we held each other lying in bed…)



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