He may want to back off the Mogen David.

Larry Gatlin, that is:

People need to get over the ‘what is country music’ crapola and cheer for the old guard and the new guard.

This coming from the guy who did “Johnny Cash Is Dead (And His House Burned Down)”? I’d be interested to know what changed his mind over the last few years, considering that mainstream country music only seems to have gotten that much worse in that time. While I can understand the need to welcome new blood into the genre, the fact remains that “country music” is something that retains a certain, rather specific meaning for a lot of people, as opposed to the generic catchall genre that people like Keith Urban and Sugarland have turned it into. Buck and Merle might well have not sounded like Roy Acuff, but Merle damn sure let it be known that he was heavily influenced by folks like Bob Wills and Jimmie Rodgers. And Alan Jackson & George Strait don’t sound like George Jones or Merle Haggard, but you know as well as I do that influence comes through loud and clear. Jason Aldean, though? Eric Church? Who are their influences? AC/DC and Bruce fucking Springsteen. Sorry, Larry, I love the music you and your brothers made, but I don’t have to cheer for that. And I won’t.

(h/t Country California)



3 Responses to “He may want to back off the Mogen David.”

  1. BobG Says:

    I still miss Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. Country isn’t the same without them.

  2. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    George Strait doesn’t sound like George Jones? So all those covers were for naught? You have ruined my childhood.

  3. jdruse Says:

    One of the blogs I read (I think it was Borepatch) posted this unlisted Youtube vid of Willie Nelson’s 1974 4th of July Picnic concert a while back. I saw Willie and Waylon at other concerts in that time period, but over the years (almost 40, yikes!) had forgotten just how powerful and great both of them were back then. The vid is 90 mins. it is a great one.

    A note on the sound mix, some of the instuments (notably Doug Kershaw’s fiddle) don’t come through, which is a shame, but the voice mix is great.

    These guys were pushing beyond the boundaries of country at the time, but they were doing it right. IMHO

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