Why do you need to be reading Borepatch?

Because of gems like this right here:

I guess I need to point out (again) that you can be a fascist without gassing Jews and that sort of thing. Mussolini (the Father of Fascism) didn’t.  Franco didn’t.  Peron didn’t.  Oh, yeah – FDR didn’t, although he did put Japanese-Americans in Concentration Camps.  But they were nice Concentration Camps, and FDR was a God Among Men.  A fuhrer, you might say.  That’s what they teach in school.

The whole thing is great, but that was the best part…



One Response to “Why do you need to be reading Borepatch?”

  1. Borepatch Says:

    I liked that part, too. Every now and again, you got to let the Horses of Snark run free …

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