How about we cut Mississippi off, too?

Oh, hey, look, another “don’t drill here” idiot!

A Mississippi coast lawmaker had proposed a bill to ban offshore drilling near a spot around the western end of West Ship Island.

In other words, “Drill more, just don’t do it here.” Granted, that’s assuming Sean Tindell supports more drilling. Either way, though, I have always found the “don’t drill here” position more than a little off-putting, no matter where it comes from. I especially find the argument that it’ll damage tourism to be aggravating. My family used to have a house down at Crystal Beach, on the Bolivar Peninsula about 15 miles northeast of Galveston, and we could see drilling rigs from the front porch. And you know what? People still flocked down there every summer from Houston, the Golden Triangle and only God knows where else. I don’t see why allowing drilling off the Mississippi coast would make any significant dent in their tourism business.


2 Responses to “How about we cut Mississippi off, too?”

  1. mattexian Says:

    I remember lots of summers (and other seasons) down at Crystal, and I recall those oil rigs offshore too, even one about a quarter-mile from my dad’s cousin’s cabin. Since I’ve gone down there a few times since Rita, there seem to be fewer rigs out there.

  2. Albatross Says:

    You mean cut off Mississippi’s panhandle? That might be kinda cool. At first I wanted to say split it between Louisiana and Alabama, but Alabama’s got so little coastline let’s just say they can have it.

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