Some not-so-random music musings…

…inspired by the Triggerman.

I have to say he pretty much nailed the types of songs on country radio these days. All of those songs are annoying as hell. I was particularly saddened to see Jack Ingram go down one of those roads, though I suppose we should have seen the writing on the wall after he covered “Lips of an Angel.”

I would like to say, though, that as cloying and syrupy as it was, “Holes in the Floor of Heaven” was an aberration on an otherwise outstanding album, perhaps the most country-sounding record that Steve Wariner ever made. It did have its more poppy moments, but the title track, “A Six Pack Ago” and “Big Ol’ Empty House” were great examples of what Steve Wariner was capable of when he decided to go in a more traditional direction.


2 Responses to “Some not-so-random music musings…”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    That shitty, schmaltzy, theologically illiterate title track ensured I would never buy that album, and would wince at the very name Steve Wariner for years…

  2. AeroDillo Says:

    Why do y’all hate Amurrica so much?

    Next time you’re out driving out to the old swimming hole to drink and throw down some jams and get lucky with your good-timing knockout of a girlfriend, you just know the fish won’t be biting. And on the way home your pickup truck breaks down so you have to walk for miles on that dirt road through the cornfields. Past that little cemetery where your granddaddy (the one who shot down forty-seven Germans in Desert Storm) is buried. You can straighten up that faded American flag on his grave marker and cry a little bit, and later on towards dark you can get see that big ol’ church steeple at the edge of town all lit up after dark and think Patriotic Jesus thoughts.

    But whatever you do when you crawl back to your double-wide…don’t sing about that shit.

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