Almost is the key word there…

So I received an email in my inbox this morning about the MacBook Air:

Less is more than ever with MacBook Air.

 MacBook Air
Light. And still light years ahead.MacBook Air sets a new standard — by being anything but. It has powerful processors, the world’s most advanced operating system, easy access to thousands of apps, and more. So you can do almost anything on a notebook that weighs next to nothing.
Perhaps you can do almost anything on the MacBook Air, but IMO the Air is a tangible validation of at least a couple of the gripes of the anti-Apple folks: too little computer for too much money.
Why would I say such a thing, being the Apple fanboy that I am?
Well, consider this: The top-of-the-line MacBook Air, for $1599, has a 1.7GHz processor and 256 GB of flash storage space…and no DVD drive. The base-model MacBook Pro — the one I opted for — was $400 cheaper, with a faster processor (2.4 GHz), more storage space (500 GB), and a DVD drive. Granted, the base-model MacBook Air is $999, but it has a slower processor (1.6 GHz) and much less storage space (64 GB). I considered the extra $200 plus tax to be more than worth it for the added computing power & physical DVD drive. I know not everyone is such a slave to physical media such as CDs & DVDs anymore, but I do still consider them to be quite useful. I always thought only having data on drives was a bad thing, with them being more susceptible to failure if not particularly prone to it.
But maybe I’m just old-fashioned that way.


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