This is all they have?

Apparently so:

In a comment at Sebastian’s is repeated the hoary old meme “libertarians just want to get stoned.”

Not the exact phrasing, but that was indeed the gist of it. And that’s pretty much the only argument many traditional conservatives have against libertarians. Such would be bad enough, were it not for how much further they take it:

if you want to put an end to the War on Drugs, you’ll have to deal effectively with the “You just want to get high” meme.

Which sounds logical on the surface, but how do you deal with something that arguably exists primarily in the heads of power-hungry authoritarians and their supporters? Maybe it’s just the corner of Algore’s Internets that I hang out in, but most arguments I have seen for ending the War On Some Drugs go along exactly the same lines of Tamara’s. Saying “libertarians want to end the drug war so they can get stoned” is about as intellectually sound as saying “gun owners want fewer gun laws so they can shoot stuff.” Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that so many who are anti-drug would chalk it up to people just wanting to get high, because you have idiots on both sides who are incredibly simplistic that way; I have no doubt there are more than a few on the left who would say that gun owners want fewer gun laws so they can shoot stuff. Still, though, it’s a sad and discouraging thing to see.



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