He thought he was Billy Badass…

…right up till they stuck the needle in him, and then he turned into a sniveling little pussy. Don’t see that too often, at least I don’t remember the last time.

I have to admit I was puzzled and more than a little vexed by this, though…

Incensed that one of Thurmond’s friends had photographed the couple after they had passed out after a round of drinking, Sharon Thurmond waved a 9mm automatic at her husband and taunted him to shoot her, a police report said.

Thurmond threw his wife to the floor and kicked her after she hit him in the face with the weapon.

Hit him in the face? She should have emptied the damn thing into him. If she had, she might still be alive today.

But there’s one fewer murderer the state’s taxpayers are going to be feeding tomorrow. So at least there’s that.


5 Responses to “He thought he was Billy Badass…”

  1. Dwight Brown Says:

    I have to admit I was puzzled by this:

    “‘I swear to God I didn’t kill her,’ he said in a final statement tinged with tears.”

    I can’t find the most recent pre-execution coverage in the HouChron, but I swear I read that there were actual eyewitnesses to him shooting his wife (and not just their 8-year-old son: I thought i read that the friend and relative mentioned in the article also witnessed the shooting).

    Google turned up this old HouChron article. Interesting:

    “Among the guns he owned were an assault shotgun and fully automatic Intratel 9mm pistol, police said.”

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      Yeah, I seem to remember reading that there were witnesses as well. But of course he didn’t do it. Everyone on death row is innocent and pure as the wind-driven snow.

  2. 45er Says:

    Assault shotgun? What is a “Intratel” 9mm pistol? Intratec, maybe? Was it really fully automatic, or just that the Tec 9 looks all super-scary? Truth be told, a bigger piece of junk is hard to find.

    So, yeah. That whole situation just sounds like all parties involved were pretty messed up. But being stupid and trashy doesn’t mean you deserve to be shot. I just wish more of these monsters would be put on the fast track for the needle.

    • southtexaspistolero Says:

      I just wish more of these monsters would be put on the fast track for the needle.

      My sentiments exactly.

  3. Crotalus Says:

    Yeah, I’d say that’s one of the big problems with capital punishment: in most states, the murderer sits on Death Row, and dies of natural causes.

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