Either Dan Freedman doesn’t know the real story…

…or he’s thinking that you don’t:

The one thing the salesman at JJ’s Pawn Shop in Beaumont remembered about Robert Riendfliesh from the day he picked up an order of 10 AK-47s was his military-style camouflage hat.

An Army veteran of the Iraq War, Riendfliesh was familiar with weapons like the Romanian-made 7.62 semi-automatic, capable of firing 30 rounds in under a minute. But Riendfliesh, 25, wasn’t buying the guns for himself. Records show they were for “Manny,” a drug dealer who had promised him $650 in cash.

Six months later, ballistics tests proved one of the weapons Riendfliesh bought was used Feb. 15, 2011, in a deadly attack on a Mexican highway that left ICE Agent Jaime Zapata dead and a fellow agent shot in the leg. Both special agents were assigned to ICE’s attaché office in Mexico City….

Court records and ATF case files reviewed by the Houston Chronicle indicate the investigation’s plodding pace may have kept agents from short-circuiting the guns purchase, but there is no evidence of so-called “gun walking,” or trailing weapons to see where they would end up instead of interdicting them.

…buhwha? Congressional Democrats like to compare Fast and Furious to the Bush-era Operation Wide Receiver, but there was one critical difference between the two — namely, that there were apparently no provisions in Fast and Furious to actually, y’know, track the guns across the border.

And “no evidence”? Considering that it took so long to for the feds to arrest straw purchaser Manuel Gomez Barba, even though they knew he was a prohibited person — I’m sorry, but that seems pretty damn suspicious, even though it might not count as “evidence.” Sure, the ATF will deny that they sat on their asses and let those guns go, but considering the cluster-copulation that Fast and Furious turned into in Arizona, would you be inclined to believe them?


One Response to “Either Dan Freedman doesn’t know the real story…”

  1. Les Says:

    Aren’t strawman purchases illegal? 10 AK’s! And the ATF knows nothing! Nope, not inclined to believe them. It’s right in there with “evidence shows incident not linked to terrorist activity”.

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