Just a note, for San Antonio/South Texas folks.

You might remember me raving about the Longhorn Cafe here and there. Well, as you probably know, there are several of them around town — five, to be precise. So far we’ve been to the ones on Southeast Military Drive by Brooks City-Base, Blanco just south of Loop 1604, and Rittiman just west of IH-35. I am happy to report they’re all quite good. I would certainly recommend them all. There’s also one on IH-10 just southeast of Boerne Stage Road, and on Highway 46 & Loop 337 in New Braunfels — neither of which we’ve made it to yet.

The irony of that is, the New Braunfels location used to be on Pat Booker Road just outside Loop 1604. I remember driving by it after it closed and thinking, “Well, THAT sucks.” Better that it move than just close down, though, because I’d bet it’s just as good as the others.

Of course, when we go to New Braunfels we’re always going to Cooper’s, so at least we have a good excuse…


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