Hey, good thing Luis Hector Lopez-Rodriguez didn’t have a gun!

Someone could have gotten hurt! Oh…wait

Luis Hector Lopez-Rodriguez, 27, is accused of losing control of the blue Ford Crown Victoria he was driving and plowing into the front porch of a southwest Houston apartment, where two children were playing during a Saturday night party….

Jesus Ordonez, 7, was killed when the vehicle rammed into the front porch. Christopher Cruz, 4, was in critical condition with burns over 40 percent of his body. He was burned by a hot grill upended when the car hit the porch, Assistant Harris County District Attorney Todd Keagle said during a brief hearing Monday.

A drunk, and a wife-beater to boot. I’d be interested to find out how many other times he hit his wife. I could be wrong, but I don’t think that sort of thing ever happens just once.

At any rate, this isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened before. If it does turn out that Mr. Lopez-Rodriguez is in the country illegally, we can just add his name to that list that includes people such as Jose Medellin and Humberto Leal. Unlike those two, he doesn’t face the needle, unfortunately; but he does face life in prison, so at least there’s that.


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