Observations from the last couple of days.

Death metal still isn’t my thing. I braved a bit of Skeletonwitch on Sirius the other day and they sounded GREAT — until the dude started singing.

If I ever get enough money to open my own steakhouse and play music in it, nothing after about 1987 is going to get played. Seriously, Loverboy’s original version of “Working for the Weekend” sucked bad enough. A “country” version of that song was the last thing we needed.

And I never thought I’d walk put of the Texas Roadhouse underwhelmed…but I did last night. I really didn’t think a medium steak was supposed to be that dry. I hope to hell it wasn’t pre-cooked, as the waitress implied it was by saying, “We don’t have any rare cuts left.” It was still pretty good dipped on the horseradish sauce, though…

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