Checks and balances?

E.J. Dionne has apparently never heard of the concept. I seem to remember him caterwauling about the courts supposedly usurping the will of elected legislatures after Heller v. D.C. was handed down as well. And he was off-base then, too. The entire point of the system set forth in the Constitution was to ensure that no one branch got too powerful and ran roughshod over the rights of the people. Does Dionne really not remember that? Or does he just not care because he’s blinded by his own ideology?

Which leads to another question: Who are the real ideologues here? The conservative justices or people like Dionne? You’ll note Dionne doesn’t mention the Constitution once in his little screed here, when the dubious constitutionality of the individual mandate is the entire reason Obamacare ended up before the Supreme Court. I guess he thinks it’s just a “goddamned piece of paper,” too.


One Response to “Checks and balances?”

  1. majmike Says:

    These Dem-Cong don’t mind authoratarian as long as they’re in power.

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