Aww, listen to the poor little drug warrior whine.

From today’s letters to the editor in the Houston Chronicle:

I spent over four decades in narcotic law enforcement. I have debated the arguments about the “war on drugs” and legalization issues in many different venues throughout the world.

And while I could certainly counter the worn out presuppositions offered in Bill King’s column, I want to express my outrage, indignation and disgust at his intimation that we – who have risked our lives, we who have lost too many comrades in this battle, we who have devoted our lives to enforcing the law of the land, often to the detriment of our spouses and families, we who have led drug prevention efforts across this nation, and we who have saved countless lives from the menace of illegal and over-abused prescribed drugs – are in it for the salaries we receive.

Stan Furce, former director, Houston High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program

I wonder if he’d like some cheese with that whine…

Seriously, I suppose I could understand his outrage at King’s intimation that he’s only in it for the Benjamins — but for the fact that I’d respect him more if he actually were only in it for that. But no. It’s much worse. Stan Furce actually believes all that drug-warrior bullshit, as evidenced by all his self-righteous screeching about risking his life to enforce the law of the land and saving all from the eeeevil drugs. He really thinks his going after small-time drug dealers is as much of a benefit to society as locking up the Royce Clyde Zeiglers and Gregory Longorias who walk among us. Would that someone would put him on the spot and ask him if the lives of people like Kathryn Johnston and Cory Maye were really worth sacrificing so your neighbor couldn’t roll a big fat one. It’s as the Second, Fourth, Fifth and Eighth Amendments don’t even exist to these people.And he wonders why he’s looked down on the way he is. What a pathetic, clueless creature.



2 Responses to “Aww, listen to the poor little drug warrior whine.”

  1. Bob S. Says:

    And how many law enforcement personnel voluntarily submit to drug screenings? How many want other law enforcement personnel to be able to track their movements via GPS? Cell phone taps?

    and we who have saved countless lives from the menace of illegal and over-abused prescribed drugs

    As if people didn’t have a right to ruin their life – even end their life- unless it is in a legislatively, law enforcement approved manner, eh Stan?

    I just wish you were as gung ho to protect our freedoms as you are to enforce the laws.

  2. mattexian Says:

    I know it’s trite, but I’m sure there were plenty of German and Japanese soldiers who were gung-ho about following their orders too, even when it involved attrocities.

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