I agree with Alice Tripp…

…but not for the reason she cites.

Mission Del Lago’s suit against A Place to Shoot is indeed frivolous, but not because it hasn’t been determined that the bullets coming across the greens came from there. It’s frivolous because — if the website of APTS is to be believed — the range was there 20 years before the damn golf course. Which makes all the other arguments over little more than how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I’d believe it was there first, too, because in all the reporting over the issue, no one has mentioned which entity was there first. And this isn’t the first time a local range has gotten sued over stray bullets by people who moved into the area.

And as for columnist Brian Chasnoff, all I can say is that he has quite a tenuous grip on this issue in particular and reality in general, trying as he does to link the defense of the shooting range to the Trayvon Martin controversy. And if the Express-News’ standards are so low that they consider his caliber of writing good enough for a metro column, then maybe I should consider it a compliment that they wouldn’t hire someone like me.


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5 Responses to “I agree with Alice Tripp…”

  1. mattexian Says:

    There was a news story over here (in Orange Co., Tx) about someone complaining that bullets from a nearby gun range were hitting his property. I called BS on the whole thing, when he showed the camera the .50 “bullet” he says hit his house, but what he was holding up was a well-fondled (tarnished) .50 cartridge. Never saw a correction on Channel 12’s page about the story, even tho I called them out on it.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Yeeeeeah, I saw that too! Did anything ever come of that?

    • mattexian Says:

      Hellfino, the news isn’t much in the business of offering corrections, except buried deep in the paper in tiny type. But I suppose no follow-up might mean the fool dropped his talk of getting a lawyer, b/c I pointed out that if this “.50 bullet” he’s showing off never came out of the barrel of a gun, the rest of his whiny claims fall apart too. Plus, the one gun range he was accusing of the ricochets coming from, is explicitly “no .50 BMG.”

      • southtexaspistolero Says:

        Really? I was thinking it was the Orange Gun Club, and back a few years ago when I was shooting regularly at the Golden Triangle Gun Club (off Highway 69 just south of downtown), I was told that the Orange Gun Club was the only place .50s were allowed.

  3. mattexian Says:

    I guess I’ll find out (maybe), I sent a question to the reporter, asking if there’s been any follow-up on the original story.

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