Before we can get to a solution…

…we’re going to have to dispense with the lies and false solutions:

…if President Calderón ever gets a bill from Texas, he should have his accountants go over it with a fine-tooth comb. And then maybe prepare an invoice of his own. Maybe bartering for mining rights in Texas just as Larson suggests it in Mexico for Texas.

Perhaps the cost that broad access to guns on this side of the border poses for Mexico should be on that bill. Not sure how one country can put a dollar amount for that much spilled blood, though.

And surely one billing item could be the cost for Mexico posed by this country’s seemingly insatiable appetite for drugs.

One wonders if O. Ricardo Pimentel has ever thought about the link between drugs’ illegality and the outrageous profits generated by Americans buying them. Wait. We know he has thought about this because he has mentioned it in at least one previous column. So why would he even bring this — or the same old lies about the guns — up if he’s interested in any real solutions to the problems posed by under-secured borders? The answer, of course, is that Pimentel is not interested in solving the problems posed by under-secured borders. He just wants to play the same old game of racial/ethnic demagoguery that he’s been playing since he was shown to his cubicle at the Express-News.

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