Yes, I really believe this.

Maybe this is just the husband and father in me talking, but if Verna McClain is guilty of the crimes she has been charged with, then she ought to be dismembered on the 50-yard line at Reliant Stadium, pour encourager les autres. And they should sell tickets to the event and put it on national TV.



3 Responses to “Yes, I really believe this.”

  1. drjim Says:

    Yeah, I heard that on the radio this morning and (almost…anything is possible these days!) didn’t believe it.

  2. DHenderson64 Says:

    You know she will never be found guilty. She will get an insanity verdict and end up in the psyche hospital, probably sharing a room with Andrea Yates.

  3. Crotalus Says:

    Out of this horror comes something funny, in a strange way. She stole a white baby. Howinhell did she think she was going to reconcile that with her own lost baby?

    Yeah, I can go with the dismemberment; draw & quarter with Clydesdales.

    “encourager”? Don’t you mean “discourager”?

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