Gee, I wonder why that is?

From the Associated Press, by way of the San Antonio Express-News:

Jim DiPeso of ConservAmerica, a group that recently changed its name from Republicans for Environmental Protection, says the EPA is caught in the center of a perfect storm. “This time of greater cynicism about government, more economic anxiety and the fact that the problems are not immediately apparent, has created this political problem for EPA,” he said.

And what an incredibly biased story, right from the damned headline. “In ’72, EPA battled pollution; now it’s politics.” Politics, eh? So all that concern about the new regulations passed by the agency that are going to force the closure of God only knows how many power plants is just politics? I’d like to see the reporter and all the people quoted in this story tell all the people who are going to lose their jobs and everyone who’s going to face higher electricity & gas prices about how “it’s for the environment.”

And don’t you love how Lisa Jackson basically implies that people who even just want to rein in the EPA want to rape the environment? That’s pretty much the only way the EPA and its rabid supporters are going to win the argument — frame the people who want a thorough analysis of its actions as people who want to club baby seals and pour barrels of oil into the rivers. “Huge gulf”?  I bet it isn’t as huge as she’d like us all to think, especially if the American people have any clue about the link between later EPA regulations and closing power plants.

And why do the same people who bitch about unelected judges making decisions that affect all of us don’t say anything about the unelected bureaucrats doing the same thing? Why is one better than the other?


One Response to “Gee, I wonder why that is?”

  1. Crotalus Says:

    Time to pull the entire federal government into Hell, and watch it burn.

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