Once again…

I don’t understand why Texas law should be revisited in light of what happened in Florida with Trayon Martin. I am not the least bit surprised that Wisconsin expatriate O. Ricardo Pimentel does, though. Time and again, he stands up for those who would prey on the hard-working, law-abiding citizens of this great state. This is one of the most rambling, disjointed and unsupported pieces he’s ever written, though — which is saying a lot, considering how much of his ranting the Express-News has inflicted on us. I did find this bit to be quite revealing, though:

Those opposed to the bill clearly understood the broadened scope. Their objections just didn’t seem to be registering. Or, I’m guessing, believed. You know, a case of those “anti-gun nuts” just blowing smoke again.

So they understood the “broadened scope” of the law but still opposed it. They opposed people being able to defend themselves wherever the people had a right to be. I wouldn’t call it blowing smoke so much as, shall we say, Chicken Little shrieking about blood running the streets or all those other things. Such is par for the course for the anti-self-defense crowd, but why is such an opinion almost never called out for the crap that it is?


2 Responses to “Once again…”

  1. peter Says:

    Here’s an interesting line from that column:
    As with a whole lot of homicides, if there was no gun, someone would still be alive today.
    That may be true, but if he hadn’t had the gun it may very well be that Zimmerman would be dead and Trayvon would be alive. Would that really make it any better?
    Also, it’s interesting how the story has changed. Reuters had a very long article earlier this week about Zimmerman. Originally the story was he had called 911 something like 35 times last year and they were almost all false alarms. Those early stories left out the fact that the gated community involved has been suffering a rash of robberies the past couple of years, by young black men. And last time Zimmerman waited for the cops, the kid got away. This time he didn’t wait for the cops and unfortunately a kid ended up dead. But we now know Trayvon was not a nice kid.

  2. Chris Says:

    As with many things the left completely ignores because it doesn’t fit “the narrative”, there is no mention of the FACT that the mere presence and intent to use a firearm in defense very often defuses the situation, so no one is injured, not even the person who deserves to be.

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