Bitterly clinging to the Big Lie…

…that’s O. Ricardo Pimentel once again, as he takes to banging the drum once again vis-a-vis the long-debunked contention that guns from United States shops are fueling the carnage in Mexico. Apparently Pimentel has either never heard of proof by assertion, he’s a firm believer in Adolf Hitler’s Big Lie, or both. And anyone who’s really paid attention to the particulars of Fast and Furious knows that it was the furthest thing from a noble strategy. If it was all about stopping the guns the ATF wouldn’t have lost track of them after they crossed the border.

On second thought, it’s all quite understandable, though. When you’ve been consistently been rebuffed by the legislatures, the courts and the people for the last 20 years, you hang on to what you have, even if it is a filthy lie.


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