Child Protective Services?

More like Child Predatory Services:

CPS worsens husband’s grief over slain wife

To wit: Keith Schuchardt, in addition to having to deal with the abject horror of having his wife slain and newborn son kidnapped, also had to deal with being blindsided by Child Protective Services. He told them the truth, gave them the benefit of the doubt — assuming, like everyone else who’s never had to deal with them, that they really do look out for children’s best interests — and they took the baby away and mandated that he stay in his uncle’s care for three to six months. All of this, mind you, was despite the fact that CPS never found that the kid was in any immediate physical or emotional danger. Not only that, but CPS also told Mr. Schuchardt that if he lawyered up, the kids would stay in CPS custody. How’s that for an illegal threat?

I did get a kick out of this, though:

“I can’t imagine anyone on our staff saying that.”

The above quote, of course, was from CPS “media specialist” Gwen Carter in regards to the whole “if you get a lawyer, the kids stay with us” thing. I understand columnist Patricia Kilday Hart was trying to get both sides of the story here, but honestly, did anyone expect Ms. Carter to admit to any wrongdoing or illegal behavior whatsoever by her agency’s investigators? She told the media what those predators pay her to tell them.

And in comments:

CPS allows the bad parents to keep their kids and the good parents are the ones who are targeted. I don’t understand this.

I said it in reply to that, and I’ll say it here: That’s just how they roll — harassing mothers who don’t sweep their floor and leaving alone the kids who get beat by mom’s boyfriend, or as the case may be, dad’s girlfriend’s husband. And kids go abused and get killed almost every day because of it. As I have noted before, you see the results of CPS screw-ups just like this on the front pages of this state’s major metro daily newspapers on what seems like an almost-daily basis.

No, CPS doesn’t have the best interests of the children at heart. They operate by and large with no standards and no accountability to anyone. I would bet money that the outcomes of the cases they take (at least before the cases get to a judge) are predetermined before the investigators even initially knock on the parents’ doors. This may well be a very high-profile case, but you know it’s not the only one. It’s just too bad all the others don’t get any space in the papers — which, considering the agency’s high-profile failures, is to say the least quite unfortunate.


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