There he goes again…

Nelson Wolff, that is. I loved what one of the commenters said: “So if we dont have a 100 million dollar light rail that goes from the Pearl brewery to downtown we are going belly up.”

You’d sure as hell think so, the way Wolff talks. Seriously, I just don’t get it. How in the hell does he keep getting elected? Wolff talks about a “brain drain,” and while the concern over such is understandable, he’s bitching about the wrong things. Less money for education funding and research and that’s the state’s fault? Why is it not the fault of the imbeciles in Washington for wrecking the economy to fund various & sundry vote-getting schemes?

And about that recent bond issue — why couldn’t the projects funded by that money been funded another way? Why, for example, couldn’t the city have paid for those infrastructure improvements out of the city budget instead of wasting money on things like politically-motivated street name changes? I don’t get it, I really don’t. I have expressed frustration before about this city’s own elected officials talking about it like it was some two-stoplight town instead of the second-largest city in Texas and the seventh-largest city in the United States.

But that, really, would be an insult to the smaller towns. Why? Because I used to live in a smaller town — Orange — and I know the things city officials talked about vis-a-vis city improvements. Instead of whining about streetcars and lack of government funding, they talked about things like improving the local schools so the local industries wouldn’t have to go recruiting workers from India. Granted, Orange may be different from San Antonio — but I don’t see how such a thing couldn’t help things considering, once again, the size and amenities of San Antonio. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Wolff thought the lack of streetcars was why AT&T left for Dallas, with the way he obsesses over such petty crap. Why in the hell does he keep getting elected?


One Response to “There he goes again…”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    Of course, if you actually talk to the young people who are leaving, not a damn one of them complains of the lack of streetcars. It’s a lack of opportunities for college educated people, and (apparently) a shitty dating scene. It’s not just that he’s talking about unnecessary crap, it’s that he’s NOT talking about the actual problems.

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