One reason I am glad I am not a music journalist.

I don’t have to write pieces like this. I don’t know what Hector Saldaña’s opinions on Queensryche really are, but I don’t think I could talk about things like the band’s “relevance” and Geoff Tate’s solo antics with a straight face. And considering Tate’s later attitudes toward heavy metal and its fans in general, I would have come out of that interview with no tongue because I would have bitten it clean off.

“Hey Geoff, what the hell’s the deal with you calling rock and metal fans boneheaded? Funny to hear you talk about relevance when your band hasn’t had a hit record in over two decades. Why exactly is Queensryche not doing much of anything in 2012? Could it have anything to do with Michael Wilton’s disassociation of himself with anything having to do with the last record? What the hell happened to you, Geoff?”

It pains me to say all that. The band’s first six albums remain favorites of mine and some of the best metal ever made, period. But sooner or later truth must be faced.


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