As if they hadn’t made it clear enough already…

…as to whose side they were on, we have this nice little puff piece on Colin Goddard, which seems to come out of nowhere. Seriously, it almost reads as PR for Handgun Control. And then there was this nice little straw man:

Goddard brushes off most of the criticism as the cost of being outspoken. But the one that stings the most goes something like: If you’d had a gun that day at Virginia Tech, you would have walked out of Norris Hall without a scratch, all your classmates would be alive and you’d be a hero.

I’ve never seen anyone say Colin Goddard would have been the hero of the day if he’d had a gun. In fact, I’m sure most gunnies would probably say he shouldn’t have been carrying a gun anyway because he doesn’t have the proper mindset for it. Such was best worded by Bill Whittle, as he waxed eloquent on the heroes of United 93:

If I had known, if I had only known, I could have run over that evil, sick son of a bitch Mohammed Atta in the parking lot. I could have been on one of those airplanes. They only had box cutters, for the love of God! Those seat cushions have straps on the back for floatation; they’d make excellent shields against a goddam two inch bladeLadies, listen carefully — when I say go, you throw your shoes and cell phones and these little liquor bottles and cushions and whatever you can, just throw them right in the face of these cocksuckers and guys, when we get up there we need to kill them, fast, just break their fucking necks, just stomp on their heads until they are dead, because I know how to land a goddam airplane and…and…

Now of course, right at this moment there are people without honor or courage who read that and think this is one big jerk-off chickenhawk fantasy and on some level I guess it is. All I can tell you is that watching that show, I wished to God I had been on one of those planes, asking only that we knew what only Flight 93 knew, and that was the fate that was waiting for us if we did nothing.

Because everybody dies. Even liberals. And all I can say is that I believe in my heart that I would rather die for something bigger than myself than lead a life where nothing is more important than me. I admit freely that were I actually there I might freeze up, and wet my pants, and hide behind a stewardess, because you can never really know until you are there. But my times on the highways late at night, and with the only engine silent at 9000 feet over the South Georgia pine forests and at 400 feet climbing out of Prescott Arizona on Christmas day reassure me, a little, that perhaps I might do okay. Just as well as a common person, a common American person in a crisis — that’s all I pray for.

Or, if you like, the non-tl;dr version: “If I sit here with my head between my legs like Colin Goddard did, people are gonna die and I might be one of them. Fuck that noise. I can do this.”

Of course, there are people who think like this, as phrased in a comment to the TotP blog entry:

“He has the right to his opinion without a bunch of johnny armchair heroes degrading him.”

Roughly translated, that means “He has the right to spew his anti-freedom crap without any of the people whose freedoms he’d take away having anything to say about it.” It really shouldn’t be that hard to see why so many people hold such animosity for Goddard and his ilk: no only are they perfectly content to wait on someone else to save their asses, but they also want to make everyone else do it too. It’s one thing not to want to be responsible for your own self-defense, but to deny everyone else the choice is just beyond the pale.

Goddard is right on at least one thing, though: He just does not get it.


4 Responses to “As if they hadn’t made it clear enough already…”

  1. Linoge Says:

    I concur that Colin has a right to his own opinion. However, he does not have the right to forcibly inflict that opinion upon everyone else.

    It frankly disgusts me that someone with firsthand knowledge of the death and destruction that comes from defenselessness would seek to impose that defenselessness upon everyone else he can, and on that particular point, I will fight him whenever and wherever necessary.

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Yep. For the life of me I cannot understand why he is given so much more moral authority than is Suzanna Gratia Hupp.

  3. JD(not the one with the picture) Says:

    Anyone who believes that Goddard has more moral authority than Suzanna Hupp is a deeply immoral person.

  4. MAJ Mike Says:

    If I’m going to die, I want to make it expensive for those who seek my death. I want to take as many as I can with me as my honor guard in Hell.

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