Nick Anderson’s at it again…

here, in which he implies that the Republicans’ inquiry into Gunwalker is making a mountain out of a molehill.

One gets the idea that he doesn’t really care about the fact that no one really knows how many American guns are smuggled into Mexico. Previously discussed statistics and the methods by which those stats were obtained long ago called that into question. Yet he and his ilk still beat the “90 percent of cartel guns come from America” drum. As I’ve said before, I guess you cling to what you have, even after it’s proven to be a filthy lie.

But what about the very real possibility that it was a scheme engineered by the administration to gin up statistics for more gun control? Call it a partisan witch hunt if you want, but the fact remains that the whole thing wasn’t even uncovered by Congress, or even the media — but by two no-name bloggers operating out of their houses out of Ohio and Alabama. And anyone who reads David and Mike on a regular basis knows they take shots at the Republicans just as they do the Democrats. And what about the president’s invocation of executive privilege to withhold documents subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee? Does Nick Anderson honestly think there’s not anything incriminating in those documents? What about all the folks in the ATF who said flat-out that they were ordered to let guns go into Mexico in order to get the stats the administration wanted?

Nick Anderson apparently would say, “So what?”


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