I am not surprised that Brian Philips does not get it…

…but he’s still full of shit.

On stars from other genres showing up on the CMT awards show:

I don’t think it’s a valid criticism because I don’t think anybody lives in a world where they’re not affected by forces beyond country music. Who are these people who keep the lists of people who qualify as country? Any deviation and they’re going to post an angry message about it? There’s no other sector of the entertainment business where you see that kind of rigidity.

That’s a really nice straw man there. It’s not that anyone thinks we live in a world in which country fans aren’t affected by other genres. It’s that the people talking negatively about this are sick and tired of the country music establishment being ashamed of the genre to the point that they don’t even think the genre’s own stars can carry it. Journey singing with Rascal Flatts and Alan Jackson reduced to being a gorramed award presenter? No wonder mainstream country music is in such sorry shape.

And “no other sector of the entertainment business where you see that kind of rigidity”? Who’s the one not paying attention to other genres now? Once again, going back to some oft-cited examples, there’s all the people who raised hell when Metallica went mainstream with the self-titled Black Album, when Queensryche went in a more mainstream direction with Empire, and when Megadeth did the same with Cryptic Writings and Risk.

But, again — I don’t know about the Megadeth records, but the commercial breakthroughs of the other two bands did retain at least some semblance of their respective genres — which is more than be said of anything Rascal Flatts has recorded. And we’re not even taking into account their appearing on stage with an arena rock act whose commercial peak was 25 years ago.

Good grief, and they wonder why we hold them in such low regard.

(h/t Country California)


One Response to “I am not surprised that Brian Philips does not get it…”

  1. Sabra Morse Onstott Says:

    All I can say is I’ve never heard about Journey playing at the Tejano Music Awards. Or the Blackeyed Peas at the Dove Awards. Or Ricky Skaggs at the BET Hip Hop Awards. So, yeah, Brian Phillips is full of shit.

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