I would say this is progress…

…as O. Ricardo Pimentel isn’t outright advocating for an assault weapons ban, but then there is this:

…failure to stop the guns at any source — even if that’s a legal gun dealer — amounts to government connivance by default.

Really? So apparently our government respecting our right to keep and bear arms is conniving to  kill innocent Mexicans? Wow, now that I think about it, in a way that’s even worse. And we haven’t even gotten to how Pimentel glosses over what was arguably the entire intent of Fast and Furious, considering that keeping track of the guns as they crossed into Mexico was not part of the plan.

And sure, it’d be nice if we could stop those guns from going across the border. But I don’t understand why we should violate Americans’ rights to do it. O. Ricardo Pimentel apparently does see this as a viable solution.

Which, of course, evokes the question — whose side is he on?



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