More thoughts on the Queensryche upheaval

(Fair warning: Most of this post comprises my thoughts from the fan forum at the Breakdown Room…)

That Guy, in comments here:

Here is hoping they come out with a killer album with the new guy.

If the new album is anything less than the best the band has done since at least Empire, I am going to be very surprised. There are those who say they’re going to be nothing without Geoff Tate, but those folks seem to be forgetting Michael Wilton; he had a hand in writing quite a few of my favorite QR tunes from the old days, including “Deliverance,” “I Dream in Infrared,” “Spreading the Disease,” and “Empire.”

I would think most metalheads would at least give the Todd La Torre-fronted Queensryche a chance as opposed to dismissing them out of hand as a number of QR fans seem to be doing, at least if Facebook is any indication. The only thing I can think of that would be driving the negative attitudes toward the other band members is the band members’ declining lack of input and enthusiasm, but then again, how much of that has to do with the Tates taking control of the whole thing? At any rate, I don’t see many if any references to any of that. It all seems to be best summarized thusly:

“Geoff Tate rules! Todd La Torre drools! And Scott, Whip and Eddie are stupid poopyheads!”

Which is really weird, if you ask me, because I’m sure no small percentage of those folks are fans of the songs that Geoff can’t sing anymore. You’d think they’d be happy that Queensryche had finally gotten a singer who could at least sing those songs.

As far as all the Tate family members getting fired — well, GT put the rest of the band in a no-win situation with that, because in addition to musically making Queensryche into the Geoff Tate Project, he more or less turned the band into his family business. To wit: Susan Tate is the band’s manager, and she also runs the merchandising side of the business with the help of friends and family. All the Cabaret dancers were Tate friends and family members as well. Parker Lundgren was Geoff Tate’s son-in-law at one point, and if what I read was right, the guitar tech that they got rid of was Miranda Tate’s significant other and is now in Geoff Tate’s solo band.

It was arguably a pretty shrewd move when you look at it from the perspective of keeping the Tates’ gravy train rolling, because there was probably no way they could have fired Geoff and kept his family members around because of the bad feelings that would have come with that. So as for Tate saying, “boo-hoo, them heartless bastards fahred mah fambly,” well, he really didn’t leave ’em much of a choice. I gotta say, it was a damn gutsy move on the band members’ part, now that I think about it.

Latest word is that Tate has filed a lawsuit and Whip, Eddie and Scott — along with their wives(!) — have been served. I am guessing this has to do with them continuing on as Queensryche, since Chris DeGarmo’s name isn’t anywhere on the court papers. I’d like to think that if Tate wins his lawsuit he’ll retire the Queensryche name, but given all the bullshit he peddled in the Rolling Stone interview, I am very, very pessimistic about that. He’s going to hire four scabs and go on the road as Queensryche while the real thing tours under Rising West or another name. Bank on it.


2 Responses to “More thoughts on the Queensryche upheaval”

  1. Tony Perez Says:

    Judas Priest comes to mind sure they toured but i never met anyone who saw Ripper Owens (I think thats his name) Halford comes back and their bigger than before and that includes Halford
    so if you go see them close your eyes you might think you at a Queensryche concert

  2. southtexaspistolero Says:

    Halford comes back and their bigger than before

    This may be, but unlike Geoff Tate, Rob Halford can still sing. I have seen recent performances of Queensryche with Tate behind the mike and they were painful to watch.

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