It didn’t really say that.

From the letters to the editor in today’s Houston Chronicle:

Judge Roberts’ ruling said to the American people, “You are now totally subservient to the all-powerful government in Washington.”

Well, no. What it said was, “You are subservient to the government you elected, and if you don’t like that subservience, it’s your right to elect yourself a new government that isn’t so overbearing.”

And he’s right, of course, but this whole thing exposes the entire problem with the democracy we seem to have become. On the presidential level it could be argued that we’re still a republic, but on the congressional level we are now completely a democracy, wherein 51 percent of the people get to vote away the rights of the other 49 percent.

In this case it’s probably much more lopsided in that a lot more people’s rights get voted away by a lot fewer people. Consider all the folks from the states with the smaller populations — such as Montana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Connecticut, and Rhode Island — whose senators voted for the health care law. In effect, all the people who voted for those senators voted this monstrosity upon us. Even when you assume every man and woman of voting age went to the polls, it’s still the case — and you and I both know it isn’t. Considering that the vote in the Senate to end debate on the bill was 60-39, you could very well point the finger at the voters of any one of those smaller states.

I might argue that the line taken by the government that “it’s a tax” was disingenuous because it was clearly intended as a way to have the bill withstand its judicial review, but ultimately that’s another argument. The fact is, strictly speaking, Roberts was right. Right or wrong, we make the choices and we’re going to have to deal with them.

The question is — will we? Or will we continue to bend over and take whatever the government rams up our collective fourth point of contact?



2 Responses to “It didn’t really say that.”

  1. drjim Says:

    And considering the fact that something like 49% of the “working” population pays NO tax at all, it makes me think we’ve (almost) slid too far down the hill to recover.
    Oh, well…..four more months to voting day.

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